E Spaces Architecture Inc. First Anniversary

E spaces architecture Inc. is a high-end design studio for Boyuan Medical Overseas, managed by Mr. Bin Chen, a Canadian registered architect and overseas project director. In July 2019, the company’s president, Mrs. Yi Wang, Mr. Wenzhang Yuan , Director of Boyuan Medical Operations, and Mrs. Chunhua Xin, Chief Medical Specialist of Boyuan Medical, went to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, to participate in the company’s first anniversary celebration and discuss the company’s current Project progress and future developments.


Mr. Chen holds a master degree from the Ivy League School of Architecture in USA (Cornell). He has worked for STANTEC, Canada’s largest architectural design firm for many years, and he has many projects completed in North America. The establishment of Boyuan Medical Overseas Studio(E Spaces) aims to enhance the overseas influence of Boyuan Medical Brand and provide a broader international vision for domestic projects. Mr. Chen is currently not only responsible for the management of Boyuan Medical’s overseas business, but also regularly conducts lectures, salons, working groups and other related skills training program for the domestic design team in Beijing, aiming to improve the overall architectural design level of the team.


(Boyuan Medical + E- spaces)