Changgang’s Sketches and Poems

Changgang Wang graduated from the Architectural Department of Harbin Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture (now the School of Architecture of Harbin Institute of Technology) in 1988. He has been engaged in architectural design for 30 years. His works have won many awards for outstanding design by the State and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. He is the former Chief Architect of China Zhongyuan International Engineering Co., Ltd. (2009-2017), now the chief architect of Boyuan Medical.

As an architect, after his busy work, Chang Gang is happy to use his short poems to describe his inner feelings, and also he likes to use sketch book to describe the unique temperament of the characters

[Poetry @Distance]



You want to go,

No longer nostalgia.

Going to the distance of only poetry,



How far is the distance,

How short is the poem.

At that time,

I’m on your side,

You can’t see it.


I’m leaving,

Because of boredom.

I want to go to the distance without poetry,

The two are not owed together.


Not far from the distance,

Poetry is like a mourning.

At that time,

You want to take me,

I am hard to do.



Please remember!

Love is forever

When See you at first sight.


The life and emotions of the architect may be so fragile and exquisite, but the spirit he express, whether it is poetry or painting, every sentence and stroke, contains so strong and powerful meanings. Perhaps, whether it is architectural creation or a noisy life, this is the innocence we should keep!


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