Garden Fun

There is a large garden behind my house, which is said to be called “Bai Cao Garden”. There is also a large garden behind “Bo Yuan Medical”, but fortunately, compared to Mr. Lu Xun’s Baicao Garden, here is our luxurious “back garden”.

Due to the company’s special geographical location, our “Sanwei Book House” is located in the Beijing West Fifth Ring Road Outer Garden Expo Park. Every weekday morning, when people are still worried about how to squeeze into the congested subway and rush into the second ring road and the third ring road, we are against the peak of the flow of people and take a seated bus or subway to reach the Garden Expo Metro Station , Then choose a short-distance bus, walking or cycling way to reach the company along Yuanbo Avenue.

Don’t underestimate this short journey, you can feel the different rhythms of metropolitan life! It is Beijing’s most beautiful autumn season. In the early morning, walking on a quiet Garden Expo Avenue where you can hear the birdsong, admiring the red and yellow autumn leaves on the roadside, it really feels like another world. Look at the roadside, “blue sky, yellow leaves, autumn waves, and light smoke on the waves.” It’s not like a hurry office worker under huge pressure, it is more like a tourist with a relaxed and happy mood, starting a pleasant day trip.

Stepping into the company’s door early in the morning and ate the breakfast provided by the company.  The busy day began: drawings , sketches, meetings, and discussing. If you are tired, you can relax on the terrace with a wide view and overlook the autumn colors of the Garden Expo. You can also relax in the dim video room, insert a CD, and listen to Mozart’s “Figaro Wedding” Or fight a hearty glory of the King. The young were prone at the window, listening to the birdsongs outside the window. Think of the red flowers of Taoranting, the willow shadow of the Diaoyutai, the insect sing of the west mountain, the night moon of Yuquan, and the bell of Tanzhe Temple. When they come back to the computer, totally refreshed!

In the afternoon, after a quick lunch in the cafeteria, stretching out a lazy body, people went to the garden to pick fruits. I must tell you that the famous Ginkgo Avenue is now extremely beautiful. At this time of the year, many tourists come to take pictures. the garden was full of birds and flowers. “It’s not necessary to say turquoise cabbage, smooth Ishii railing, tall acacia tree, purple mulberry; nor to weeping cicadas groaning in the leaves, obese wasps lying on the cauliflower. They went straight to the sky. “All the childlike things in Baicao Garden will be found here, and we, like the owners of the garden.

The gardens of different styles in the Garden Expo Garden are simply a living textbook for Chinese and foreign landscape designers. As you see, the golden splendor of the northern gardens; the blue bricks and tiles of the Jiangnan gardens; the Gothic buttresses; the Byzantine domes; the intricate bucket arches; the eaves made of clear-style wood; During the tour, it is as big as a sudden cheerful mood and as small as a winding path. Take a leisure trip around here, it really has the effect of nourishing energy, breathing and condensing!

After the lunch break, the young man made a cup of coffee, the elders made a pot of Longjing (Chinese tea), and started working in the afternoon. Sometimes, there are still turbulent birds in the indoor work area. Everyone is accustomed to it and is not surprised. is this spiritual uninvited guest is be sent by clients to supervise our work?

At dusk, it was a different story. “Quietness” became the theme: quiet gardens, quiet asphalt roads, quiet sky, and quietness of us after a full day hard working. The office is still brightly lit, and the scent of rice in the cafeteria sometimes floats into the garden, blending with the flowers. No need to ask, someone must be working overtime, but even if it is overtime, can it be said to be a treat?

Maybe it was late autumn, and I suddenly thought of Yu Dafu ’s famous article —“Autumn of Beijing”—”  I would like to fold two-thirds of my life for a third of a fraction. ” I don’t have the strong desire of the author to keep the autumn, but when the day’s work is over, after experiencing the tension and coziness brought about by work and garden fun, I can really appreciate Tagore’s “brightness like summer flowers and death is like the quiet beauty of autumn leaves.” As a member of a medical architectural design agency (Boyuan Medical), the corporate culture concept “People should have compassion
encouragement and perseverance”, is the same as the nature of warmth and kindness in front of us.

At this time, looking back at the gorgeous sunset, you will know that for me and the company, tomorrow will be a brilliant and beautiful day!

High Line Park

Written by Bin Chen

For those of us who are studying architecture and planning, when you go to New York, I would recommend you to take a look at the HIGH LINE PARK in Manhattan’s West End. Going there and taking photos is not interesting, but it will be of great benefit to interpreting the plasticity and sustainable development of the city.

HIGH LINE PARK, as the name suggests, is a linear park that stands high. Because being suspended in the air will effectively reduce the danger of ground transportation, HIGH LINE was once the lifeline of New Yorkers— “lifeline of New York”.

This line runs 1.45 miles north from 34th Street on the west side of Manhattan to the south and Gansevoort St to the north. When trucking was not popular, HIGH LINE used to be Manhattan’s main freight transportation channel. But in 1980, HIGH LINE was completely replaced by more convenient trucking. This is the development of the metropolis. When it loses its original function, it quickly becomes a “cancer” that hinders the development of the city. In 1999, HIGH LINE was in danger of being demolished. Fortunately, the then New York City government made a bold decision to retain the railway and transform it into a linear urban park.

Comparing with China, the United States is a country without a long history. Perhaps these abandoned railways remaining in the city tell the world about the history of New York, which was developed rapidly under the Great Industrial Revolution. For most New Yorkers, retaining the remaining railways in the city is to preserve this history.

In fact, as early as the founding of P.R.C, China had a very similar idea to HIGH LINE PARK. The famous architect Liang Sicheng once suggested that on the basis of retaining the ancient city walls of Beijing, a three-dimensional aerial garden was built on the walls. Liang said, “If completed, it will be the only place in the world that can accommodate tens of thousands of people for leisure and entertainment.” That not only preserved the cultural monuments, but also gave it new functions. Liang also drew a rendering of this plan, and even if people see it now, it will still be exciting.

Unfortunately, such an idea is unacceptable to a new government that is anxious to break with the semi-feudal, semi-colonial old China. What’s more, if it is to be converted into a garden, isn’t it necessary to grease the walls of the feudal master? History and our Chinese HIGH LINE PARK just passed by. Yes, it seems that truth is difficult to hold in the hands of a few people!

HIGH LINE PARK is a proposal selected by two Democrats in New York to draw on the practice of Promenade Plantee in Paris, France, in an open competition. The transformation of this line is mainly to provide citizens with a WALKING TRAIL in the city. At the intersection with each block, the designer provided a rest area similar to the observation deck, where you can see the street scenes of New York at different times of the day (STREET SCAPE), which is  “Borrowing Sences” in Suzhou gardens in China. It’s just that the scenes borrowed are more life, not lakes and mountains.

The design of HIGH LINE PARK embodies the meaning of LINE: the ground is paved with narrow concrete blocks, and the remaining tracks are still clearly visible. Some of the paving is designed to be connected to the seat. Most of the rest areas are made up of long wooden boards directly, and they have different shapes with texture. It’s simple and straightforward.

The LANDSCAPE of HIGH LINE PARK is also very interesting, deliberately imitating the overgrown natural form, it can evoke people’s memory of this history (MEMORY); the design of the fun space (NODE) ​​is also quite charming, people lingering.

But what attracts me to HIGH LINE PARK is not its design itself, nor the focus of this article. For visionary urban designers, the success of New York ’s HIGH LINE PARK is that it ’s focus is not on the present, but on the overall planning of the West Side of Manhattan in 20, 50, and even 100 years later. Now, for most visitors to New York, most of those who know HIGH LINE PARK may be interested in art, architecture, and planning. It is not difficult to understand that for tourists, today’s HIGH LINE PARK cannot explain their understanding of the metropolis. However, from the newly built apartments and office buildings on both sides of the current HIGHLINE PARK, such as the AIC building of FRANK GEHRY, it is not difficult to see the outline of future development in this area. We can imagine that when the surrounding abandoned factories and warehouses are slowly replaced by new-function buildings, HIGH LINE PARK gradually turns into a community park, and this industrial area also gradually changes its attributes and glows. New glory comes out.

This “reverse thinking” is really amazing! That is, on the basis of retaining historical context, first establish a city’s backbone (community public space), and then gradually demolish or rebuild the skeleton on both sides of this backbone. I did n’t go to the New York City Hall or its website to see the ZONING in this area, but I might as well make a bold guess that the bottom of this erected sky garden can be a hiding place for basic equipment and air-conditioning rooms in surrounding buildings plumbing wells and substations, or large parking lots for urban complex can be built under this HIGH LINE. At the same time, because the bottom of HIGH LINE intersects with the urban interface, it can be better used to transform into small commercial and retail, or grocery stores. They will be filled with the quaint atmosphere in the iteration of the city, but will be subtly integrated into the fresh and active urban civilization …

This reminds me of some practices of the Chinese government on the reconstruction of old districts, as if there is room for development only through constant demolition. I remember at a report meeting of a project, a pot-bellied Chinese government official talked about the protection of an old district vegetable market and said with a rhetoric, “I don’t see any value in it now. block and do nothing”. Yes, it is undeniable that the development of society will inevitably make the old things lose value, but we must remind ourselves from time to time that our city construction is a plan for the future and a plan for sustainable development, because new things are always one day it will become old. This is like an old man who has gradually become obsolete in social life. Does he or she really lose its original value and become useless? We may not have to regenerate  these “old people” to make them flourish like young people. But the experience and history contained in them, cultural connotation of past and present life, should we also need give some respect? Therefore, compared to the planning, the strength of the building seems too small to the designers of the HIGH LINE PARK city. They think more about the plasticity of the city. This is really a place that is very worthwhile for our Chinese architects to learn.

Historical and cultural protection has always been a worldwide topic, and contradictions in urban design are omnipresent. A simple path can have a significant impact on the community. I think, when our future planning for a certain area of ​​the city is not quite clear, can our designers first preserve the historical sites and add their new functions, or simply form a public space first, then The law is used to gradually develop and improve the surrounding facilities, so that they can develop in a healthy way.

For example, the transformation of the old district vegetable market I mentioned earlier, you can try to retain some of the old street vegetable market, but you can transform its original trading function into an exhibition space. The other vegetable farm spaces will be transformed to make them more effective. City By Law can be used to control the F.A.R and height limit of surrounding buildings so that they do not “eat” this history.

When the shape of the vegetable field became a historical memory, the first definition of the surrounding residents was a new city park and a new place to relax and play. Then we can come to plan and design buildings, apartments, businesses, hospitals and schools around it. This idea of ​​landscape first, architecture second,   is not only able to retain the original historical features of the site, but also play the role of maximum site value, right?

I often think that plasticity and sustainable development must be something that can be expected. Just like HIGH LINE, you can see its foundation and development outline. Just like planting a small tree with enough sunlight and air, there can be a day when it becomes a towering tree. But when we force a big tree to grow on another piece of land, the tree will soon die. This big tree is like a contextless, rootless, but superficial community. It puzzles us with question what will it look like in a hundred years? Is it all to be overthrown and rebuilt? Or will this historical fragment created be fortunately protected? But even if it survives, how can anyone know the history of this area before? Who can fill this gap?

This is something we have to think about while standing at HIGH LINE PARK.

Live a Meaningful Life

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Into the new office of Mrs. Wang in the Garden Expo Park in Fengtai District, Beijing, the most vivid impression is that the green plants and flowers in her room are echoed with the verdant scenery outside the window, full of vitality….


Talking about life experiences


“Mainly it is platform and opportunity. I am fortunate to have lived in a big environment. If there is no platform of Zhongyuan, I can’t have it today. Through one person, we can also see the growth process of a company. ” National survey and design industry technology innovation leader, the State Council special experts and other national honors winner, Mrs. Wang,  chat her past brilliant experience, can always take so understatement.

Wang introduced herself and said, “I was assigned to the General Design Department of the Ministry of Machinery (the predecessor of China Zhongyuan International Engineering Co., Ltd.) in 1985 after graduated from university. From that time, I did lots of project such as the Asian Games gymnasium, electric stoves, factories, construction machinery, high rise building in Fangzhuang, etc., and became a healthcare specialist later on, time flies and it was already 34 years…”


In the late 1980s, in the context of the planned economy, the Design Department of the Ministry of Machinery, which was once in the four major industrial institutes in China, began to transform for breakthroughs. The studio where Wang worked was upgraded to department and eventually developed into today’s professional institutes. In the past 30 years, under the turbulent tide of China’s economy, the Design Department of the Ministry of Machinery has been transformed into the current China Zhongyuan International Engineering Co., Ltd., and Wang has grown from an ordinary designer to vice president in Zhongyuan’s 60 years history, the only woman senior leader.


As a leader in the healthcare area, it was not too early for Zhongyuan to start the business in China. Dr. Huang Xiwei, the academic pioneer in 1988, returned to China to study, and started with the small hospitals that were built by the World Health Organization. Until the completion of the First People’s Hospital of Foshan City, with its special development background in the Pearl River Delta of the Yangtze River, the high-standard and high-demand introduction of the IEC medical electrical design concept at the forefront of innovation has triggered the vibration of the medical construction industry. Since then, Zhongyuan has successively undertaken such well-known projects as Peking University Hospital, Beijing Hospital, Beijing Third Hospital, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Union Hospital, and the People’s Liberation Army General Hospital. In the past 20 years, the company established its own brand as their original expectation. “In addition to medical treatment, our business involved energy (2/3 heating project is designed by Zhongyuan), logistics, civil and bio-safety. The characteristics of Zhongyuan are comprehensive and professional.” Chatting about former firm, Wang is always smiling, and pride is beyond words.


Talking about project experience


In 1993, Wang participated in the Foshan Hospital project, she always began to pay attention to the IEC standard. How to study and introduce the relevant regulations into the country, what kind of system should be used in medical places? What should be designed for insulation monitoring devices and electrical safety? Prior to this, there were very few descriptions about the electrical profession in the design specifications of medical buildings in China. Wang and her team were struggling in the project and could only practice with little reference to the IEC standards. This also opened up Wang’s deep research and development, and devoted herself to the development of the industry.

When it comes to the experience of doing this project, Wang always sums up two words – “lucky” and “fun”. She smiled and said that it was fortunate that the company gave such an opportunity, and those days were very interesting experiences.

“I have limited contribution to the profession compared to other experts.” Mrs. Wang, who has been in management since the beginning of 2003, has repeatedly emphasized. However, it is undeniable that even if she left the technical position, she still made outstanding achievements in the professional fields of electrical industry, machinery industry and medical industry. Although she has worked in management positions for many years, she has not given up on his studies.


Talk about the struggle


It can be said that people in the 1960s also caught up with a good era. At that time, they just smashed the “Gang of Four” and the country resumed the college entrance examination. It was just at the beginning of the reform and opening up. The situation in the country was very good. There were many opportunities in the industry, and talents were particularly scarce. But there were experienced teachers always around you. Wang said, you can easily found something or someone to motive and improve yourself.

“At that time, there was indeed a kind of enthusiasm”. Wang said, “I worked with Mr. Li gongwei in the Beijing Asian Games venue and used PC1500 to calculate the parameters of the mixed lighting. I was pregnant, but still kept traveling for research. When the child was just one and a half years old. An opportunity occurred to work on the super high-rise project, I left child at home and go to Hainan…

Wang always talked about some of her work experience in these years, she said, “There is nothing fails except trying.” “Gender doesn’t make difference when we are educated. We were all “strong girls” at that time. We all know that women can be the half the sky. The society at that time is more equal than the present to men and women.” Wang said with smiling face.

However, today’s industry environment situation has been greatly different, there are many projects, but there is little change in each type of building because of code. The regulations kill the young people’s inspiration. Today’s young designers have many projects to work on in a very tight time. They becomes physical labor and their main work in the office is CAD drawing. Many young people said that the design had no sense of accomplishment, and the electrical profession was particularly prominent. After all, the electricity could not be seen. An accident occurs after the end of a project. The young designer didn’t know the reason because they only draws what senior engineers asked them to draw, and some even didn’t know how to do the basic calculations.

“But it makes sense, “Wang said, can designer be separated from drawing? Of course not, but drawing is not the fundamental of design, the most important thing is to study the system and find fun from it.”

When talking about her plans for retirement and joining Bo Yuan Medical as a senior strategic consultant, Wang always showed a childlike smile. “I am still young! In foreign countries, my age might be just a beginning! I want to expand my career from my experience in Zhongyuan and contribute it to the society.”



Talking about the future


“China is in an era of great change, the country has a “One Belt, One Road” big strategic plan; there is a magnificent blueprint for the Xiong’an New District; there is a grand vision for realizing the great “China Dream”. Our industry needs to be upgraded, our design level, customer service is also facing the same pressure of upgrading.” Wang said, “This upgrade is not as simple as upgrading a computer program. It is necessary to improve the creativity and service awareness of our entire team. The market competition is becoming more and more fierce. The choice of design team by clients is becoming pickier. How to stand out in such a market environment requires the team to work hard together and strive together.”


“For example! Before I went to Zhongyuan, I thought I was doing research in a research institute. When I arrived at the design institute, I discovered that I was about to face a new field. For the future, I found that I didn’t even have Planning, at the time of the 21-year-old, just want to “try hard to learn, and strive to be the best one”, from the mechanical drawing learned from the school to the architectural drawing of the work, everything must be learned from the beginning. “Work arranged for me I will take the initiative as soon as possible and I want to master more skills as much as I can. During pregnancy, I went to Xuzhou, Yantai, Changchun and other places for on-site design and research. I returned to work after three months of child birth…”


“The transformation of a company and the change of a person’s social role actually have many similarities. To gain an opportunity, you must work hard to start from changing yourself, and you must pay your hard work and labor. When you are a raw hand, you need work harder to catch up with peers; when you are experts, you can’t slack off, otherwise your peers will soon surpass you. In the same industry, the most important thing is that you are better than your competitors and done a better job. We need quality, not quantity. It is a scorpion that can only be honed or a horse that can traverse the wilderness, and it is only be tested in the vast world of the market. OK, this is an opportunity. It is the time for each of us to re-examine ourselves and improve our position…”


Before the end of the interview, Wang told us, “The Summer Palace, which I used to visit when I was young, I still wanders around. No matter how eccentric the world is, how much life is full of twigs, the landscape of the Summer Palace is still the same, and the blue waves of Kunming Lake are still tranquil, how to judge the work and life?  I feel that the life is a very short journey, working hard and challenging yourself, to me it makes sense, now I am very happy to be able to re-sail and play with a group of energetic young people.


Chatting with Mrs. Wang, while listening to her glory in the past, you will unconsciously feel the unique energy and passion from her. In her eyes, she will always be full of opportunities to grasp the future with confidence. Just like the green plants and flowers in the full house of her office, it is full of life and ready to grow and bloom. Let us wish her and her team have a more beautiful future!


(Boyuan Medical + E Spaces)