New Campus of Qiannan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

Guizhou, China 2016
Project location: Gannan, Guizhou
Building area: 242,612 square meters
Number of beds: 1480 beds
Project phase: under construction

The new hospital construction project of Qiannan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital is a Grade III Class A Chinese Medicine Hospital built by Qiannan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. The proposed investment is about 16.7 billion. This project is in the process of construction.

 The project site is located in the center of Xincheng Development Zone, Duyun City, Gannan Province, with a planned area of ​​375 mu. The project includes Qiannan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Orthopaedic Center and National Hospital (Shuimiao Hospital), and Technical Engineering Pharmaceutical Center of Qiannan Prefecture National Institute of Medicine. The general practitioner’s clinical training network is divided into three parts, and the long-term development land is reserved for use as a medical care service and Chinese medicine preventive health care.

 The total planning of the new construction project of Qiannan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital is 1480, with a total construction area of ​​288,600 square meters.

 In order to make rational use of the terrain and reduce the amount of excavation, the transportation organization will divide the land into four platforms with different height differences. The first platform has an elevation of 775 meter, which mainly accepts emergency evacuation. The second platform has an elevation of 782.6m, which is the first and The transition of the third platform; the third platform, with an elevation of 796.4 meter, mainly accommodates inpatient flow; the fourth platform is located on the north side of the internal surgery inpatient building, with an elevation of 801-809m, with an inpatient building entrance. Combine the topography and different platforms to form three levels of high, medium and low buildings. The lowest level is the outpatient, general practitioner training base, and the princess of the National Medical Center. The middle level is the orthopedic center, medical technology, and the center of the national medical center. The highest level is internal surgery. The ward has formed a situation of increasing step by step.

 The project makes full use of the pleasant climate of Duyun area, strengthens the use of good climate in Duyun, makes full use of natural lighting and ventilation, and adopts open or semi-open forms in public spaces to introduce natural environment, improve comfort and reduce investment.