Beijing International Medical Center

Beijing, China 2013
Project location: Tongzhou, Beijing
Building area: 235,000 square meters
Project phase: planning and design, collaboration with HDR

The project site is located in Beijing International Medical Service Area, Yucheng Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing, China; Beijing International Medical Center will operate and manage according to the modern hospital management model. It will build a for-profit hospital with a 900-bed hospital group. This hospital will follow China’s current the highest hospital construction standards to built and operated and managed in accordance with international standards.

The project will benefit from various tax incentives to ensure the rapid and healthy development of the project; the area, the proportion of medical staff, and the average bedtime time are in accordance with international standards and to be set up in conjunction with China’s national conditions.

The intensity of education and scientific research, medical safety, and hospital operation management are all constructed in two phases according to the international JCI standard: the first phase of the 300-bed international medical department and medical technology complex building construction, used to serve the surrounding specialist hospitals, mainly involving tumors. , children, maternity and other aspects, to provide support for specialized hospitals. The second phase is the construction of two 300-bed specialist centers. The specific specialists will choose from hepatobiliary and pancreas, blood diseases, pediatrics and orthopedics.

This project focuses on the first phase of the concept plan, the second phase of the architectural plan.