704-bed Army Teaching Hospital of KDU National Defense University, Sri Lanka

Werahera, Sri Lanka 2015
Project location: Werahera, Sri Lanka
Building area: total building area of approximately 126,000 square meters
Project phase: Completed
Number of beds: 704 beds

The project is located in the Werahera area of the western province of Sri Lanka, with a total construction area of approximately 126,000 square meters. It is a key project in our foreign aid construction projects. The main building covers an area of approximately 76,000 square meters (including the podium and tower inpatient department, the roof report hall, the operating room AHU machine room, etc.);

The total investment of the plan is 1 billion; the design phase includes schematic design; design development, construction, the total area of the main building of the hospital is about 76,000 square meters, and the structural type is reinforced concrete frame-seismic wall structure, including 10 floors above ground.

Our commissioned design content includes weak electricity, medical gas pneumatic logistics, general map, civil engineering, technology, strong electricity, water supply and drainage, HVAC, budget estimates; all the guarantees for the hospital building system, buildings and related facilities,such as service building, attenuation pool, garbage station, loading and unloading area, incinerator, etc.